What do clients say?

Amy, the owner of BodyFit, is amazing! She is a physical therapist that specializes in women’s issues. I was training for my first “mud race” and found myself with a painful, swollen knee about the size of a grapefruit. Being a young 41year old ;), I thought I must have torn a bit of meniscus and would work with the surgeon to fix it once the race was over. After an MRI showed that I had gorgeous menisci and ligaments but severe arthritis of the underside of my knee cap, surgery was not an option. After several attempts at asking my orthopedist how I might help this problem myself, I became frustrated. I was told there was nothing I could do except maybe a little core and hip exercises. (I have been taking Pilates classes 2x a week for 10 years so was unsure of what more core and hip strengthening I could do!) I was referred to Amy at BodyFit by a good friend. She examined my knee, reviewed my tests and agreed with the diagnosis. She didn’t make me stop my training for the race but rather modified some of the exercises I was doing to not put more pressure/force on the knee. (I’m no longer allowed to do full squats!) I ran the race, had fun with my friends and continued to work with Amy on specific strengthening for MY body and MY knee problem. I have had no pain or swelling for weeks now and most importantly haven’t given up exercising or enjoying activities with my family and friends. I was given a diagnosis that would “likely require a knee replacement” and instead used my strength and knowledge Amy taught me to “heal myself”. I highly recommend Amy and her staff of awesome female trainers who are highly skilled in creating plans, workouts, and fitness solutions…”for women, by women”!!
– Michelle N., Physician Assistant

“I set a goal of overcoming a low back injury and getting into shape so that I could ski Alta, Utah with my two young adult children and my husband. Amy, at Bodyfit, helped me to accomplish that goal, giving me the strength and flexibility to attack the slopes and ski five days in the mountains injury free!”
– Teresa

Amy, at Bodyfit, helped me to accomplish that goal

“Just wanted to let you know I truly enjoy your workouts. I like being challenged. After class I always feel better about myself. Thanks!”
– Cathy L.

“Thank you for all of your help, guidance, and encouragement. Without you, I would not be feeling and moving better…THANK YOU!!!”
– Jolene

“Thanks again for helping me – I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your training!”
– Lexi

I wouldn't have been able to do it without your training!

“Amy is great. Whether it’s an injury I’ve gotten, or a small but growing problem that might become an injury, Amy is terrific at diagnosing the exact problem and then prescribing effective recovery exercises and stretches. I had been un-athletic most of my life until recently, and so her help is essential to me to get past little problems that keep me from participating in various kinds of workouts and sports activities.”
 – Angie S.

“Amy was great. She fit me in the same day I called. It only took that one appointment to get me the exercises and recommendations I needed to get my leg back to pain free and fully functional.”
– Angie

“I always feel safe but challenged with your workouts, and I think that you do a fantastic job.”
– Cristina

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