Welcome to BodyFit Solutions

I’m glad you’re here!

BodyFit Solutions is a place where physical therapy and personal training meet to create an individualized path to fitness and overall wellness. It is focused on safely initiating and maintaining physical activity for women across the age and fitness spectrum, regardless of medical history.

BodyFit Solutions provides personal training services to women in the Madison, WI area. It is a locally and independently owned boutique style studio that caters to the unique and individual needs of women. The atmosphere feels welcoming, pressure-free, and intimate, and sessions are safe, professional, and empowering. The environment is suited for women who find the “gym” intimidating, and want more personal service than a franchise fitness center offers.

As a physical therapist with a degree in exercise science, my goal is to create an atmosphere where women feel empowered to be active, healthy, and injury free.

I hope you’ll join me!